Today I woke up and fixed two sticks.  My Slick board got a ding out at Pops two days ago, so that needed some work. Then the tail of the thick 6’3″ was thrashed, so I just sawed it off and glassed it. Now its a 6 1 squashtail, sort of.

Slick surf board and a Kanaka Maoli

Then I took a picture of the mullet I’ve been growing and I stocked the ice cream truck with ice cream.

Hawaii Ice Cream and Mullet

I live with Chris Slick, the guy who shaped my surfboard.  His mullet from back in the day that I saw on his website here was part of my inspiration to grow my own. yay mullets.

Then I checked the surf…only 1-2 today….but eh, I’ve got a new squashtail, a truck full of ice cream…

and it sure is a nice day:

View of Honolulu


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