If you’re wondering why I’m in a great mood, it’s because it is King Kamehameha Day, so I got free parking AND I didn’t have to go to work!  Most mainlanders probably don’t know about this holiday, and a lot of locals don’t really bother to remember junior high civics,  so I thought I’d provide a little background information.

King Kamehameha was the first king of the Hawaiian islands, and unified the islands under singular rule by either conquering them or “persuading” them to fall under his command.  He instituted laws that governed all of the islands, and was known to be kind of a bad ass.  During his time, contact with the Westerners was established and alliances were made, and foreigners learned about valuable goods found here in Hawaii such as sandalwood.

June 11 is the annual celebration of Kamehameha and his contributions to the creation of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and is marked by parades, a ho’olaule’a (festival), hula performances, and more.  So if you ever visit Hawaii in June, make sure to keep Kamehameha Day open to take part in the fun!

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