It’s unfortunate that the concept of living in the moment, or being present, has become a yoga cliche, because it is such good advice. Often at the beginning of a yoga class, the instructor will have the students take a moment to quiet their minds, find their breath, and slow down to come to an awareness of the present. It is too bad that no one tells you to do this while you’re running errands on your lunchbreak while making a grocery list and drinking a smoothie all at the same time.

I had (very smugly, shame on me) thought I was finally getting the hang of all this living in the now. And then the Universe decided to give me a whomping lesson to bring me down a notch. One of the reasons that there haven’t been any posts recently is that I’ve been recovering from a car accident that caused some serious, but luckily not permanent, injuries. I’ll spare the details, but essentially in my quest to have it all, I forgot the basics of common sense. I guess in a karmic courtroom, my defense would be “But, Your Honor, I was going to be living in the moment in 5 minutes!” The short story is that I was in such a rush to go surfing and so preoccupied with the logistics of getting to where I could be present, I forgot to be be present. As a result, I won’t be surfing or practicing yoga for at least two months.

Sometimes life is what happens when you’re on your way to the beach. So take this as a warning– live in the present, or else. And don’t forget to use your E brake. Just a little friendly advice from me to you.

Happy living!

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