I was at a picnic the other day, and someone randomly mentioned that turtles cry if you kill them. The reason for this, she claimed, is that turtles have two hearts, so they are still alive when you are killing them and feel the pain. Evidently a marine scientist professor type told her this. This was the most horrific thing I had heard, and it made me really sad, until I looked it up online and learned that it was total crap. Actually, sea turtles excrete excess salt/salt water out of their eyes when they come ashore, and it gives the appearance of crying. (It is pretty much impossible to tell if a sea turtle is crying underwater, so if you see it, please send us a photo. *wink*)

Considering the Diamond Head thing and now this, I am starting to feel like people out there are just messing with me, filling my petite brain with a lot of strange and plainly wrong bits of information. By the way, if you were wondering, sea turtles have a single 3 chambered heart, with 2 atria and 1 ventricle. Spread the truthiness, people!

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