I tend to groan at overly politicized, genderized issue-raising, and my initial response to the upcoming Yogawoman documentary was a little prejudiced, but I quickly came around. In our modern day, of course yoga is a realm dominated by women. It’s difficult to convince men to join us in our practice of yoga, and once we get them into a class, we still assume they are gay. Of course, this wasn’t the case until recently, and it is illuminating to consider why this discipline has been so embraced by women and eschewed by men, at least in our generalized Western culture. Traditionally, yoga was dominated by male figures and women were treated as inconvenient truths. So what changed? There’s clearly something within the practice of yoga that provides women with a fullness that enhances their modern lives. It’ll be interesting to follow the discussion that this film will create, and hopefully it will inspire people of both genders to go to the mat and find what they are seeking.

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